About Me

Hi, I’m Oliver Smith, a passionate devlops engineer and software developer based near Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Having spent the past four years as sole (now lead) developer at a growing print startup (whilst also moonlighting as IT manager for most of that time) I have a broad range of skills and experience. I'm always keen to apply the best technology to interesting and challenging problems although mainly I just like building cool stuff.

I am currently in full time employment which means I don’t share much of my work. My main projects center around building software and infrastructure to receive and print personalised products, these use technologies such as Symfony Components, Silex, RabbitMQ and Imagemagick. My other technical interests include developing APIs for manufacturing, messaging systems, automated image processing, HTML5 APIs and the interface between electronics and software. Outside of technology I enjoy photography and travelling to unusual places.

My current CV can be viewed here