About Me

Hi, I’m Oliver, currently I’m Software Lead at Marvelpress, a start-up in the sublimation printing industry based in Sheffield, UK. On the odd occasions I’m not working I also like tinkering with more interesting software and hardware and building neat little things. I mainly work on the back ends of web applications and building middleware to link factory production systems with customer facing online tools, I like PHP, Javascript and HTML but I’m not so keen on design (I like seeing it but not doing it!)…I like building cool stuff to make things happen.

As well as enjoying coding I’m just as much at home inside a computer, reconfiguring a router or being handy with a soldering iron.

Outside of computing I try to fit in some photography, cycling and walking whenever possible.

I am currently in full time employment getting paid to build cool stuff…sadly this means most cool PHP things I do I don’t share – recently they’ve involved Codeigniter, Silex, MQ using Redis and Imagemagick, my main projects right now centre around building APIs designed to be as simple as possible, with the best documentation, for other developers to use to integrate with us.