Fixing the C++ debugger gdb in netbeans 6.7 on ubuntu karmic 9.10

The default install of netbeans 6.7 is not compatible with the version of the debugger provided in the karmic repositories and errors when debugging is attempted, this can rectified by adding the previous version of gdb which is supported by netbeans 6.7

First get the old package from here x86 or amd64

Then extract the data.tar.gz/usr/bin folder using archive manager

Make a directory to place it in:

sudo mkdir /usr/bin/gdb-6.8

then copy the contents of the extracted bin folder into the newly created directory

cd usr/bin sudo cp * /usr/bin/gdb-6.8

Now change the debugger to be used in netbeans:


and change the debugger path to: /usr/bin/gdb-6.8/gdb