Receiving TI ez430 Chronos Button Presses in Processing (and Python)

Another currently badly documented feature of the chronos is the facility to get button presses from the watch when in Powerpoint (PPT) mode, so again after a code example from Sean Brewer (available below) I’ve produced a processing version.

The process of acquiring the data, the same request string is sent however in PPT mode the return is different, the third byte determining which button has been pressed in the case of my watch the buttons return the values below: Top left: 18

Top right: 50

Bottom left: 34

However these are different to the values Sean found, his being one less in each case (i.e. 17,49 and 33) so some experimentation may be required.

Update: A kind commenter has pointed out that in PPT mode the values are as I listed, and in ACC mode they are the lower values.


Original python code: (originally posted here however doesn’t seem to work with my watch)

My working python code:

My processing sketch: chronosbutton.pde